„BASE Tripping“ Multi Angle video: Carlos, Alex Polli and two friends do an insane 4 way jump from the famous exit 6 of Kjerag, Norway. Enjoy this video shot with 5 different angles. Put yourself under the skin of the Base jumper and see all the possible points of view of this awesome 4 way jump. Keep watching until the end to watch the alternative ending.

„BASE Tripping“ is the brand new Base Jump series by Carlos Pedro Briceño. Carlos is a BASE jumper, Skydiving instructor, surfer, travel lover…. & adrenaline lover!! Life’s short Live LARGE!!!!Follow Carlos as he explores new countries, cultures & BASE jumping opportunities all over the world! Travel with Carlos to over 10 countries meeting crazy BASE Jumping friends Jokke Sommer, Chris „Douggs“ McDougall, Alexander Polli, Jeb Corliss & many more to search for a new adrenaline rush in every country!


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